If you own a large collection of video files on your computer, you might want to organize them as efficiently as possible, so that you can find your favorite content easier whenever you feel like watching it.

Video Hub App is an application that can help you in the situation depicted above by letting you create virtual libraries for your video content while also providing you with various relevant features.

What this application does is generate virtual video libraries on your computer and lets you organize video content in these "hubs," in order to identify the videos you want to watch in an efficient and quite stylish manner.

The videos are available as thumbnails inside the hubs they belong to and hovering your mouse over any one of the items will trigger a series of stills to be displayed successively, so that you can view some of their contents without having to open them beforehand.

Creating a hub is no big deal, although it sounds more complicated than it really is. You just need to give your "hub" a name and select a folder on your computer where the files that you want to include in your hub are located in.

The application will then collect all the data it needs to provide you with an interactive library of your videos. Video Hub App also lets you enable a "Dark Mode" if you want and the configuration menu provides you with many settings that can be customized. Some of them include hiding the "Search filter" sidebar, toggling the magic search (which updates results as you type), turning some features visible and invisible as well as resetting the settings, clearing the recently-opened history and rescanning the video folder.

All in all, if you're in need of a tool that can provide you with a quick, stylish way to manage video content on your computer, maybe Video Hub App is exactly what you're looking for.

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