With an application such as Video Looper you can easily replay golden moments captured in a clip over and over again. Whether you want to create a clip fit for uploading on video sharing platforms or simply need to play a single video repeatedly to match a song’s duration for instance, Video Looper can do the trick.

The application is extremely intuitive and easy to work with. There are not so many options to deal with and the ones available are pretty straightforward. The first step is to browse for the video file you want to process. Then, you can proceed to selecting one of the available looping methods.  You are free to choose the number of times to loop the video or, alternatively, you can opt for continuous looping until a certain time duration is reached. Also, Video Looper enables you to repeat the video as many times as needed to fit the duration of an audio background.

There are a few additional video properties you can tamper with, such as the video and the background volume level and the name of the output file. A background track can be attached to the resulting video or the sound can be muted.

You might think that is the entire configuration to go through but proceeding to loop the video opens up a new window, where you can customize a few more parameters. First of all, there are a few predefined conversion profiles and these should be enough to meet all demands. However, you can also create a new profile with custom conversion parameters.

At this stage, you can set the video bitrate and size, the aspect ratio and the frame rate, configure metadata copying options, set the audio sample rate, used audio channels and bitrate and that is not all: Video Looper displays a separate empty field that you can fill in with more FFMpeg parameters.

Video Looper is a fast and easy to use video processing tool. It can help you repeat a video as many times as you need, making use of FFMpeg to convert the output with custom video properties. While the settings should be a bit more organized to avoid going through two sets of configurations, the application is, overall, pleasant to work with.