When it comes to playing videos, there are many options you can choose from, some more popular than others. Almost all are built on the same structure, providing approximately the same set of controls and options. However, none allow previewing before loading the video into the player. That is exactly what Video Peek is designed to do. Filled with a set of purpose-fit tools, and some extra features, for various tasks, it can provide a quite capable package for dealing with video content.

Video Peek is not per se a video player but more of an application that allows you to preview the content of a video before loading it into a player. It provides a different kind of software utility that automatically breaks down the loaded video into several key moments, allowing the interactive preview of the video content. 

However, if users do wish to actually playback the loaded videos, the application comes with a handy player, included in its bundle, which allows for quick and efficient playback, thanks to a few, essential controls.

To load a video, you must simply drag and drop it onto the main window or click anywhere within Video Peek’s GUI. There are several video formats that are supported, including popular ones (MP4, AVI, MPG, MKV) and others. To get detailed information about the audio and video settings of the loaded file, you simply have to click on the resolution icon. 

Important moments in the video are displayed in a grid, which enables you to have a quick overview of the video. You can freely reduce or multiply the number of interactive scenes.

If you're in need of extra functionality, the application will provide it through three separate modules, which allow one to easily export the preferred thumbnails, create GIFs, or, if required, perform file operations such as renaming, copying, or moving of video files.

Video Peek brings to the table a new method of browsing your video collection. Thanks to its approach, you can have a quick overview of the loaded video before loading it into the player of your choice. Furthermore, thanks to the nifty included player and the extra features for more advanced users, it manages to offer a solid package for visualizing and handling video content.