If you are organizing your personal videos and looking for an app that can easily help you trim, split or merge clips, then Video Split N Trim might be the tool you need. Not a professional's choice, but a good choice for casual video editing.

First things first, the application is structured in three segments — the toolbar, the preview screen, and the segment selector. As mentioned before, the app supports only video trimming, splitting and concatenating (merging). These functions can be found on the toolbar, along with the segment tool and the output settings.

Trimming and splitting videos require almost identical steps. After you load a file make sure you add a segment on the area you want to work on. Hit Trim, or Split in order to pop up the output selection menu. Choose a folder, hit save, and wait for the new videos called "trim" or "split" to appear.

The merging process is different but intuitive, nonetheless. Click on Concat, select two videos and choose the output path to finalize the joining process.

You can save the edited files under three formats only — MP4, WMW, and AVI. Before you process a video, make sure you select the format first (from Output Settings) as you cannot change it while saving newly created files.

So, it appears that no matter what type of files you throw in, you are limited to these formats only, output-wise. We've tested this aspect with FLV and MOV files.

Video Split N Trim is a simple utility that provides the basic editing functions for your video editing. And because it's not too complex, it can come in handy for users who have little, or no experience at all with video editing.