Multimedia files are some of the most common documents today, as one can hardly find a computer without a song or clip library. For the latter items, a simple and fast method of telling items apart is by checking their thumbnails. Unfortunately, these items are not always visible and Video Thumbnailer comes to the rescue in such cases, as it allows its users to display customized and informative thumbs.

The program can be associated with almost all multimedia files (over 30 supported formats), including MOVs, AVIs, MPGs, as well as FLVs. What's more, users are free to add their own file extensions to the list, effectively allowing the application to display thumbnails for any type of document, as long as this feature is supported by the host item.

Assessing the performance is a simple task of navigating to the multimedia library, as the utility integrates seamlessly with the Windows Explorer. If no changes are observed after changes have been issued, a simple restart command should solve the issue.

The new thumbnails replace the dreary-looking default Windows icons and allow for a vastly improved user experience. Several customization options are available, such as the color of the background canvas (viable options are black or white), or the ability to display the length of the video.

An interesting feature is the ability to extract the thumbnail from a custom position, which allows some room for customization of the final item. If the source clip supports HD quality, one can configure the thumb to show that and the file icon can also be displayed in the bottom right corner.

Summing up, Video Thumbnailer is a practical solution for anyone with ample multimedia libraries, as it allows one to customize the thumb previews shown. The application can be associated with any media clips and users can specify the position from which the preview is extracted.