If you want your computer to stand out and to impress all those ar0und you, you can start with enhancing your desktop background.

Video Wallpaper Creator can help you with this task, especially if you want to show off various clips you recorded.

The application comes with a straightforward interface that makes it crystal clear for every user which are the steps that need to be taken to generate video wallpapers.

You need to start by setting up the list of clips you want to integrate in your project. The supported formats are: AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, 3GP, VOB, SWF, M2TS, OGV, QT, RMVB, TS, WebM and so on.

Once you have chosen the source videos, you can adjust their order by moving them up and down the list until you are pleased with the outcome.

Due to the built-in player, you can watch your videos without relying on a third-party utility. However, you still need a different solution if you want to cut a clip and use only a segment of it in your video wallpaper.

Before compiling the resulting video, you can adjust the FPS depending on the target computer's performance (lower if it is a slow PC, higher if it is a fast one).

Timer interval and wallpaper width can also be tweaked as you see fit.

An important step that needs to be completed after compiling the video wallpaper is testing it - this way, you can avoid any potential crashes or errors that might occur.

In a nutshell, Video Wallpaper Creator does exactly what its name suggests to help you spruce up your desktop background. No technical skills are required so your video wallpaper should be up and running within minutes.