Recording videos is a great and handy way to capture important events and log memories.

However, when you want to edit a video and place the focus on a single person, things might get tricky and a dedicated app, like Video Zoomer and Cropper, can prove useful.

The application features a straightforward interface, yet novices might feel more comfortable browsing the documentation first.

This way, when they load their video of choice, they can dive right in and make the proper adjustments. The supported source formats are: AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, MKV, FLV, 3GP, VOB, SWF, QT, RMVB, WebM, OGM, TS and many more.

After you load a video, you can preview its content as a thumbnail, and you can adjust the position of the target area using your mouse.

Alternatively, you can enter the exact dimensions for the source and the destination area position and size.

If you are not fully pleased with the outcome, you can try fine-tuning the parameters. You can join overlay parts or crop parts, as well as draw overlay box, specify its thickness and color.

Moreover, you can blur non-zoomed areas when you want to put the focus on a specific object.

When you want to speed up the process , you can set up an automatic renaming pattern so you can easily identify each generated video. You can append a suffix to your clips and you can also choose the default output folder.

All in all, Video Zoomer and Cropper does exactly what you would expect of it, to help you get the most of your recorded videos.