VideoCapX is a useful software that allows developers to easily add access to digital video capture cards, scanners, and cameras to their applications.

It has methods to save image in JPG file and upload it to web server.

FireWire cameras (DCAM)

PCI, PC-Card grabbers

USB / USB 2 cameras

DV (digital video) devices

TV tuners

Single frame and image sequence capture

Video and audio codec support

Graphics and text overlay

Capture AVI or WMV movies

Broadcast Windows Media video streams over the network or to a WM server

Video-conferencing functionality (sample included)

VideoCapX works with any DirectX - compliant device. That means, if a camera has Windows drivers, it works with VideoCapX.

Whether you are creating a Web cam, a networked security application, a photo ID database, an industrial monitoring system, or a medical imaging device, VideoCapX solves your need to grab and save those images and video sequences.

VideoCapX can compress AVI files using video codecs installed in the system. To use DivX features, DivX codec must be installed.