There is no doubt that YouTube downloaders and converters have sprung around like mushrooms after rain, and it is no surprise, given that YouTube is the worlds biggest source of free videos.

One such application is VideoFrom, a lightweight Youtube video downloader that also offers some conversion features.

The application is pretty straightforward in what it does, and this is something you can figure out from the UI as well since there aren't many elements to play with.

Even starting a video download is pretty much done automatically, since the app picks up any video URL you've saved to your clipboard, so all you need to do is confirm whether or not you need to download it or not.

You can then select the quality in which you want to save the video, or the format if you're only interested in the video's soundtrack, and the neat part is that you get a preview of how much disk space the file will take up.

If saving up disk space is your number one priority, then you won't mind the fact that this tool can only download videos up to 720p in quality, however, those of you that favor visuals over anything else are in for a disappointment.

However, the few formats it does support look good in the end, with no glitches or corruptions visible anywhere, and the extracted MP3s sound very good as well.

While feature-wise VideoFrom may not be all that groundbreaking, it is nonetheless a good choice when it comes to YouTube video downloaders, having no advantage or disadvantage when compared to anything else the market has to offer.