VideoSaver is a lightweight screensaver application whose purpose is to help you create a playlist with video files which can be shown on your desktop.

You can get access to the program’s dedicated parameters via the Windows Screen Saver Settings panel. A help manual is not included in the package but you can venture into setting up the configuration process on your own, as the options look easy to work with.

VideoSaver lets you import videos with the same file formats used by Windows Media Player. Clips can be added in the configuration window using the built-in browse button (the drag-and-drop support is not implemented).

You can create a list with videos, view information about them (e.g. filename, size, loops), remove items, open them in Windows Media Player, as well as arrange the files in a preferred order by moving them up or down.

Playlists can be exported to PLST file format so you can import them in the future. We have tested the application on Windows 8.1 Pro and noticed that it carries out a task very quickly.

VideoSaver offers you the possibility to set the default playlist, adjust the bouncing speed with the aid of slider if you want to make a video get moved around the screen during playback, make file associations (e.g. ASF, AVI, MOV, MPEG, MPG, VOB, WMV), alter the volume, and set the number of loops for each video.

What’s more, you can play videos in a random order, ignore mouse movement, continue the video playback where it stopped, enable keyboard controls, as well as activate classic or single video renderer.

All things considered, VideoSaver delivers a straightforward approach for helping you include your favorite videos in your screensaver display. The intuitive layout makes it an ideal candidate for rookies and professionals alike.