Regardless of you wanting to explain a certain process, create a tutorial or just create some footage to back-up some data, a strong screen recording software is mandatory. Having the ability to record both video and audio streams, as well as capturing screenshots is key for a smooth process. Vidmore Screen Recorder provides all those things, and much more, all bundled into a comprehensive, user-oriented package.

The main features are offered in large, discernible buttons and this certainly adds-up to providing a fast and efficient identification. However, this must not be a deterrent as each of the different, video recorder, audio recorder and screen capture features hold impressive subsequent options.

We specifically enjoyed the fact that users can define a certain preset list for recording things “on-the-fly”. This means that details such as display, screen area, sound aspects, and output characteristics can be saved into a bank, always ready to be selected for use.

Although standard on most screen capture apps, the resizable screen capture area is surely one useful tool to have around. This is also provided by Vidmore Screen Recorder, which in order to increase efficiency even more, also offers a small, minimalist recorder version.

This means that you will have the option to select that mini-recorder version and have it floating wherever you prefer on your desktop area, thus avoiding any unwanted visual interference.

This program comes packed with a bunch of useful tools that are aimed at offering a comprehensive set of features for performing video, audio and image capture from your desktop.