VidRes is an easy to use utility that allows you to change most display settings interactively, or via shortcuts.

VidRes is often used to change the display settings for specific programs. For example, if you have your computer set to take advantage of the high resolution of your display, but prefer to run a game at a lower resolution, you can use VidRes to create a shortcut that will run the game program and switch to the lower resolution. When you close the game, or switch back to your main desktop, VidRes will restore the display settings to their original values.

VidRes can change most display settings, including the resolution, colour depth, primary display in a multi-monitor desktop, and the current display in an independent multi-display system.

Here are some key features of "VidRes":

■ Interactive or command line (shortcut) usage.

■ Easy to use, includes a facility to create resolution switching shortcuts to run other programs from VidRes.

■ Straightforward, precise specification of resolution via individual command line parameters.

■ The ability to switch resolution, execute another application and automatically switch back to the original resolution when the application terminates or only change the resolution when the application's window is the maximized foreground window.

■ Multi-monitor desktop and independent multi-display are supported.


■ purchasing a license will eliminate the reminder message