CDs and DVDs have been with us for some time now as the go-to media for transporting data, especially videos, and they don't seem to show signs of getting tired, even with the rise of Blu-ray discs.

With that in mind, programs that also deal with copying, creating, ripping and converting their contents are also going strong, one of which is Vidus DVD Creator.

Before going into the technical details, talking about how the program presents itself is an almost must, given how beautiful it looks.

While the act of copying, ripping and creating DVDs is not something you'd associate with fun, at least the visuals will make it seem that way.

Considering how lightweight the program feels as far as disk space and RAM consumption goes, you'll be amazed at how many thins this program is capable of doing.

This ranges from ripping DVD as well as virtual images (ISO, nin files, etc.), to copying their contents or even performing some degree of video conversion, handling formats such as AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, AAC, MPC, FLAC and more.

Regardless of what operation you plan to uphold, Vidus DVD Creator manages to deal with it in almost no time; the true time limiter is your hardware.

Any of the processes, including the ones famous for being resource intensive, like DVD writing, don't seem to perform overall system settings at all, and you can carry on gaming or do whatever you want, with Vidus DVD Creator running in the background.

Vidus DVD Creator impresses through the visuals it has, the user-friendly interface, resource efficiency, and functional versatility, scoring high marks on all of our tests. Thus we recommend it for any of your CD and DVD-related activities.