Photos are used to visually represent things that are rather difficult to imagine, at least nowadays. However, they’re not used in the exact same form a camera captures them, and a lot of heavy processing is involved. For this task, you need some specialized applications like Vieas Ex, that come with tools to fix different issues or enhance certain details.

When the application runs, you’re greeted by a pretty compact main window that poses no accommodation problems because of its simplicity. An initial information screen is brought up and lets you know what keys or combinations you need to press to activate specific controls.

A good idea is to pay a visit to the options menu to integrate a new entry into the default Send To context menu to quickly open pictures this way. If not, you can simply drag them over the main window. However, the options menu holds a lot more functions, such as configurable hotkeys, which are sure to come in handy, because default manipulation can be a little difficult at times.

The application launches in a viewer. More tools can be accessed by simply right-clicking on the image, but pressing both the left and right mouse buttons immediately brings up the built-in image editor.

Don’t get too excited, because you’re going to have a little hard time getting acquainted with how functions are triggered and used. Drawing only benefits from a single brush time, and corresponding controls are limited to opacity, size, and color.

On the other hand, a few more transformation options give it a little more flexibility. These let you crop, resize, flip, or distort any image. In addition, correction and effects let you modify color and lighting options, diffuse, create mosaic, and more. Last but not least, fille support gives you the possibility to save any modified image to JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, or TIFF.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Vieas Ex comes with good intentions and a decent set of tools, but the overall presentation, first impression, as well as the default attributed controls can make accommodation a bit longer than expected. It can’t handle any professional image editing tasks, but it can come in handy for enhancing a quick selfie.