Viewtimer is a desktop timer application that allows you to vizualise your time. It can be used as countdown timer, stopwatch, clock and date counter. These can be run simultaneously. In addition you can set any number of alarms for a specific time during countdown, fixed time in the day, or a fixed date.

An alarm can play a chosen sound, display a message, and change the colour of the progress and message displays. The date countdown can display the number of days left or the number of years, months, weeks and days, together with hours minutes and seconds.

Viewtimer allows you to save as many different timers as you need, so once you have set up a timer you can call it up whenever you need it. Viewtimer has been designed for use on large screens and has a full-screen mode. You can set the Display mode by pressing the space bar where all buttons are hidden and can be restored by clicking anywhere within the display.