Vinny Federal Income Tax Estimator 2017 is a small-sized piece of software that offers an easy way for Americans to calculate their federal income tax for the tax year 2016. It facilitates a user-friendly interface with self-explanatory options that you can fill out in order to calculate taxes quickly.

Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn't give you any trouble because there are no software requirements involved, you come face to face with a simple interface that looks designed in a rudimentary graphic editing tool. Despite its appearance, Vinny Federal Income Tax Estimator 2017 has a neatly organized layout.

You can get started by choosing the filing status from single, married filing jointly, married filling separately, and head of household. In the following step, you can specify additional useful information. For example, you can tell the utility that you or your spouse was born before Jan 2, 1952 or that one of you is blind.

Next, you can enter your adjusted gross income, number of dependants with the age under 17 years old, along total number of dependants. Optionally, you can input the itemized deductions (if any). Calculations are performed in real time so there's no need to click any buttons to trigger this.

Therefore, you can make adjustments to the filing status, age and disability aspects to see how taxes compare. Vinny Federal Income Tax Estimator 2017 reveals your standard deduction, deduction of exemptions, child tax credit, and total federal income tax. Unfortunately, there are no options implemented for saving this information to file or at least copying everything to the clipboard.

We haven't experienced any stability issues with Windows 10 in our tests. Unsurprisingly, Vinny Federal Income Tax Estimator 2017 had minimal impact on the computer's performance. Although it's not feature-rich, this application provides American with a simple method of calculating their federal income tax for year 2016 based on the current legislation.