We all dream of flying high in the clouds, being above everyone else and observe how small the world looks from afar.

Vintage Aircrafts 3D Screensaver lets you live out that dream, even if it is just in a virtual sense.

The landscape is created beautifully, allowing you to view fields, lakes, forests, and houses from hundreds of feet in the air.

This approach gives the app an advantage from a resource efficiency point of view,  in the sense that it uses perspective to compensate the lack of elements, and it uses the lack of features to ensure that your screen is not cluttered and that it runs smoothly.

Details such as shadows, pixel shading, and water reflexion further enhance the realistic feeling this screensaver gives off. The music is also noteworthy, as the tunes are whimsical while also being adventurous.

As mentioned above, the fact that at its fore there's just a plane flying a relatively flat surface, it is very easy for your PC to process. Thus everything runs smoothly and without any FPS drops.

However, if you do encounter any performance issues (especially when setting Vintage Aircrafts 3D Screensaver as animated wallpaper, then you can access the settings menu to adjust or disable several features. This system ensures that anyone can run this app decently, regardless of the power of their rig.

For example, you can change the screen's resolution or aspect ratio or overall graphics settings. The sounds can be lowered or muted altogether, and if you like, you could replace the soundtrack with music files from your library.

Those of you running multi-monitor systems should also know that this app supports multiple screens.

Vintage Aircrafts 3D Screensaver is an animated wallpaper and screensaver that will impress even the most adventurous of you, taking you on a ride way beyond the horizon