Although you used a professional camera, have the latest lens and the best filters available, sometimes photos do not end up as you want despite your best efforts.

Vintager! is a user-friendly utility that allows you to edit and improve your photos by adding textures, filters and effects that can send a powerful message.

The light-color theme interface is attractive and quite appropriate for the role of the application. While the panel on the left allows you to preview the photo you are working on along with the modifications you make, you can access the numerous options and features from the right panel.

It is necessary to mention that the UI is organized with practicality in mind, especially since you can access the undo and redo buttons at the top.

In case you are feeling creative, then you just as easily work on a collage that includes all your favorite photos. The app supports dozens of image formats (JPEG, PNG, IFF, TGA, PPM, DDS, J2K, PSD etc), so you have no limitation in this sense.

Vintager! Includes 4 different tools that can help you make your photos look more crafty or artistic. If you need to fine-tune an image, then you can select one of the 30 available presets and use the advanced color options to change the hue, brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation or luminance until you obtain the desired effect.

You can further enhance your pictures by applying one of the 40 embedded frames and textures or you can improve it using only these options. Moreover, you can add the final touch and make sure the message is clearly understood by applying a bohek effect.

The app also includes features for advanced users, meaning that you can make tonal adjustments, set your own input values for each color in the RGB channel or set the color curves parameters.

Regardless of your level of experience with editing photos, Vintager! includes both user-friendly and advanced options and can help you obtain professionally-looking photos.