ViolaNotesFinder is a reliable application that enables you to learn how to play chords on the viola, using the teaching method that is most suitable for you. The software is capable of rendering the musical notes both on the stave and on the viola fingerboard, as well as to play the sound whenever you select a chord.

ViolaNotesFinder offers you two types of learning experiences, both equally effective and convenient. The Note Finder and the Training are the two modes in which you can experience ViolaNotesFinder as an educational tool. The note finder allows you to view the representation of the selected chord on the stave, as well as on the viola’s fingerboard.

You may either select the note from the stave and watch as the software identifies it on the fretboard or vice versa. Either way, whenever you select a note, the software can play the original sound of the viola. Moreover, the application allows you to choose between rendering simple chords, as well as the sharp and flat versions.

The Note Finder represents a passive method of learning, while the Training offers you an interactive experience. The software plays a particular note and indicates it on the fretboard at the same time. You need to identify it by its name (for example: G/Sol) and click the dedicated button.

The feedback is instantly provided, in the form of a bar, indicating the percentage of correct answers given so far. The Training mode is timed, so in order to start the test, you need to enable the timer. The software can display a full report indicating which answers were correct and which ones were wrong.

ViolaNotesFinder allows you to improve your theoretical knowledge of viola chord representation. Moreover, it is a reliable assistant in practicing playing the instrument, since it can also play the genuine viola sounds of each note. ViolaNotesFinder can also be a suitable tool for teaching students, especially in the Training mode.