In order to learn how to play the violin, you need a lot of patience and practice. ViolinNotesFinder is a handy piece of software tailored to the needs of both beginner and experienced violin players.

The program allows you to find the position and notation of various music notes on the chords of a violin. This can help you to learn how to play the violin, as you are able to find notes easier.

The application allows you to learn the violin chord position of each musical notation that can be played, by highlighting the spots that need to be pressed when exercising the violin. This is done interactively, by either sliding your mouse over a music sheet and seeing a music note and its position, or by hovering over the violin chords, thus revealing a note’s name and sheet positioning.

Furthermore, clicking on a note will play its sound, which could help you faster learn notes just by hearing them.

ViolinNotesFinder can test your memory and knowledge about the musical notes and their positioning on a violin’s chord. The program highlights a certain note, and you have to determine its notation. Each correct or wrong answer is recorded and you are timed for the whole period of the test.

After you have decided to complete the test, the application will display statistics about your overall score, by showing statistics on each correct or wrong answer. Analyzing these statistics could help you determine if you still need to practice or need to move to advanced matters.

All in all, ViolinNotesFinder is ideal for those that want to learn the positioning of musical notes on a violin’s chords and music sheet. It provides you with both interactive tools and knowledge tests, which should help you master the violin faster.