The issue of personal data being exfiltrated has started to become more damaging to anyone’s tranquility, and that is why users are starting to at least be more aware of the need to encrypt their communications.

VIPole is an instant messenger that ensures you are protected whenever you chat with your contacts, be it in writing or via video or audio calls.

Before anything else, you must know that the program’s primary responsibility is to allow you to get in touch with fellows in a protected environment that removes even the slightest risk of being intercepted by any third-party.

Featuring an approachable user interface, the instant messenger’s capabilities run the gamut as far as collaborative work is concerned since it allows you to carry out a multitude of tasks without worrying about data leaks.

The software utility allows you to organize your contact list and easily sort the users you are communicating with, with the ability to write to them, have audio or video conferences, as well as send them any kinds of files, with a virtual keyboard being at your disposal in case suspicious circumstances indicate the possible presence of keyloggers.

Note that whatever documents you are exchanging with your contacts will be stored by a file manager that should help you easily decide what to do with them after they are no longer relevant to you.

It is worth knowing that there are multiple security parameters you can tweak, such as adding contacts to a blacklist, hiding your status or your IP when calling, enabling or disabling notifications, autodeleting messages after a specific interval, and more. However, note that in order to benefit from encrypted data storage on user device, enhanced account security, and other advanced features, you should consider upgrading to the Professional or Team version of VIPole.

What’s more, you can create tasks and reminders that concern both you are any of your contacts, with the possibility of assigning supervisor responsibilities in order to make the most of the idea of teamwork.

Besides, creating notes should add to the program’s reliability, proving once again that you don’t need to employ third-parties when trying to organize your professional efforts.

All in all, VIPole is a secure means of communication addressing professionals who want to manage or contribute to projects remotely without fearing data leaks of any kind. It is a complex business solution that integrates multiple handy features, making the interaction between participants as smooth as possible.