If you are on the lookout for a sound card-based signal generator, resorting to a software utility such as Multi-Instrument Pro and particularly to one of its components, Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator, could be of great help.

You simply need to explore the “Instrument” menu in order to toggle Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator on or off, with the mention that the GUI you are prompted with is intuitive, even though it is feature-packed.

This is because the program, which, it must be said, also functions as a standalone utility, is a dual-channel signal generator capable of manipulating and displaying the output in a multitude of waveforms or tones.

Sine, triangle, saw tooth, white noise, pink noise, unit impulse, unit step, musical scale, and more can be handled by the program, with the mention that it can provide you with analyses regardless of whether you are working with frequencies that are fixed or that sweep logarithmically or linearly within your parameters.

Needless to say, the output signal you intend to generate is directly connected to the quality of your sound card, so there are a series of inconveniences that could be experienced in situations where signal components below 10Hz are employed, since this may result in distortions.

Regarding the sampling parameters you need to indicate, you need to be aware that the program’s capabilities are directly linked to the reliability of the DAC device, with the “Run” button being the one initiating the output.