Virtins Sound Card Spectrum Analyzer is a specialized virtual instrument for Windows PCs. It includes a sound card real-time oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer that can be run concurrently.

It offers a specially designed data acquisition approach, making it possible to monitor the input signal continuously and avoid missing any trigger events before collecting the frame of data.

Virtins Sound Card Spectrum Analyzer is designed to offer a screen refresh rate that typically rests around 50 frames per second, the intention being to provide a real-time response. As far as the triggering method is concerned, it is worth noting that pre-triggers and post-triggers are supported.

The dual-channel oscilloscope provides a total of four types of views; each presents the waveform data in a different fashion. For instance, it can display data from each channel separately or combine the information, as well as offers a real-time Lissajous pattern display for channel A and channel B.

Similarly, dual-channel spectrum analyzer offers four different views: real-time phase spectrum display, real-time amplitude spectrum display, real-time autocorrelation display and real-time cross-correlation display.

FFT points are adjustable in a range going from 128 to 32768, and users have access to selectable windowing functions, such as Triangle, Rectangle, Hanning, Hamming and Blackman.