Virtual CD software is all about creating perfect copies of your optical media to your storage device of your choice. This is a great way to keep your disc problems (lost or damaged) at bay. No matter your disc type (CD, DVD, HD DVD or Blu-Ray), the application should get their contents and fill specific image files with them directly on your hard drive.

Virtual CD has a huge backpack of features developed by experts in this line of work since 1998. The installation time relies on the performance of your computer, thus it may take from one to several minutes. Upon running the program, you are welcomed by the `Virtual CD Starter`, which aligns the possible operations at the starting line. We can go on and manage our existing images, create new ones and even build `virtual blanks` or `data safes`.

The application doesn't stop here and also hands you over the control of assembling data and burning it to a disc as well as burning images on CDs and creating 1:1 copies of your most treasured discs. When it comes to virtual disc creation, various options come up to help you make the right choice. These include `Automatic`, `CD Geometry`, `Exact`, `Full`, `ISO`, `Normal` or `Unreadable block` copies. This gets the optical drive noise, swapping discs or any other waste of time off your back.

What's even better, Virtual CD gives you the opportunity to share your disc images within your network - that's one less problem to forget about. Protection is also a key-feature here with data encrypted safes creation and password protected disc images just one click-away. The program also comes in handy when needing a blank disc to burn. By using the Blank Media Wizard, you can create any disc format and insert it in the Virtual CD drive for upcoming burn process.

This program also provides image file conversion capabilities. While it can only convert between the native image format and the ISO image format, Virtual CD brings compression and encryption options to the table. The Settings window lets you fully customize the software to your liking and cover the `System`, `Virtual Drives / CDs`, `Burn`, `Display of Drives`, `Integration`, `Supported ISO Images` or `Task Assignments`.

Virtual CD does a really great job both on and off paper, providing some of the most comprehensive virtual disc creation software on the market. It shoots your disc-related problems sky-high while preventing deterioration of the discs you really care about.