Creating a cover for your CDs, DVDs or books might seem like a tough job, but with the right tools you can make any of these and more. Virtual Cover Creator is an app with a self-explanatory name as far as its purpose is concerned.

The software comes with a nice and simple interface, with an intuitive layout that should make finding all the tools an easy job.

You can create covers for a wide variety of purposes, such as two and three sided boxes, books, electronic magazines, CD and DVD discs and cases, membership cards, special reports and book boxes.

The main application window is where all the designing is done. You can insert pictures, solid colors or gradients, brush and pencil freehand designs, as well as various shapes.

For any of the covers, you can access the “Preview” menu. Here, you can choose a background color or leave it transparent. Furthermore, all your modifications can be viewed in a 3D manner. You can opt to display shadows and add a reflection effect.

Other details that can be adjusted are the image scaling, the camera make and model, as well as some lighting options.

Some of the covers come with an extra function, called “Model Actions”. For example, for book and case report covers you can opt to use either a hardcover or a paperback template.

All in all, Virtual Cover Creator is a nice tool that can help you create unique designs. Files can be saved in the native format for this software, VCC Project, or as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF or TIFF files.