Virtual Plastic Surgery Software – VPSS is a photo warping tool that provides multiple image editing utilities to simulate a plastic surgery.

Simply open a photo of a face shape in Virtual Plastic Surgery Software – VPSS and use the built-in features to find out how you would look like in case of plastic surgery.

Although you might expect a very complex software solution, don't worry, that's not the case. Virtual Plastic Surgery Software – VPSS is very easy to use and provides only a few editing tools, such as stretch, grow and shrink, which helps you apply a series of modifications to any photo.

Additionally, there is a so-called “Reconstruct” tool to modify a picture, as well as common utilities such as color picker, text, eraser, lines and rectangles.

Virtual Plastic Surgery Software – VPSS sports a well-organized interface, with photos displayed in separate tabs, so it's easy to manage all your current projects. Plus, there's a cool feature that displays the selected photo before and after the modifications, either separately or in the same tab for a better comparison.

The application can also work with webcams, which means that it allows you to take a screenshot on the go and start editing the picture automatically. Last but not least, it features watermark support to protect your photos, providing three different positions: left top, right top and center bottom.

You don't need an ultrafast computer to run Virtual Plastic Surgery Software – VPSS, because the application runs just fine with a minimum footprint on hardware resources.

Overall, Virtual Plastic Surgery Software – VPSS is a handy tool, but the number of features may be disappointing for some users hoping for more editing capabilities.