CDs and DVDs are good means of storing and disseminating data. However, there are times when backups to even these solutions are needed. This can be achieved in a wide variety of ways, one of them being a virtual drive. VirtualDrive Network allows users to create huge virtual repositories of their physical discs and to share them quickly with all networked computers.

In essence, one can think of this program as a hub for all the information stored on physical discs. With it, one can create shared virtual copies of all CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. What's more, users can also create virtual replicas of their local projects or folders.

VirtualDrive Network's strong point is that it can also load or burn these discs. Therefore, users are not only able to create replicas of their most important projects, they can also burn them back to physical discs of any kind, as well as display their internal structure with the built-in emulator.

Since the program is built on a server-console-client architecture, one can also share newly created VCDs with all the connected computers. This setup has obvious benefits for all users who regularly have to share data across networks. Through the console, one can also control the traffic, for example by restricting access to certain resources.

Another notable feature is the ability to organize VCDs and ISOs into cabinets (i.e. folders). Several built-in items are available, such as “Games”, “Movies”, or “Pictures” cabinets and users are free to create their own items, complete with original descriptions. As for data burning, the utility can write to a physical disc all sorts of data, and users are free to name their new discs as they wish.

To conclude, VirtualDrive Network is a detailed virtual drive tool that will prove useful for anyone who regularly employs DVDs and CDs as storage media. It allows one to create virtual replicas of the discs and sharing them over the network is a very accessible task.