Visharad Process mentor automates the process of authoring eLearning content. A subject matter expert performs actions the way he wants learners to perform.

With Visharad Process Mentor software you will be able to capture screen images the actions performed by the expert.

Visharad Process Mentor stores the details of the actions and the references to the screen images in a vci file.

An author uses Visharad Process Mentor to generate eLearning content from a vci file with the help of only a few clicks. The learning content can be generated in MS Word format or in Flash format.

A learner selects the content generated by the author and navigates through it to learn how to perform a business process. The content can also be viewed by senior management in an organization to see if correct business process is being followed.


■ Microsoft Word 2003 or above

■ Adobe Flash Player 8.0

■ Microsoft .NET Framework


■ The demo version allows you to capture business process and generate content only on Notepad.