Visual Autorun is a free tool that helps you to prepare CD data discs for distribution. Using Visual Autorun, you are able to quickly add the essential functions that are expected as standard by most computer users.

You have experienced interactive features on commercial CDs. Now with Visual Autorun, you can add these same features to the CDs you create.

When you distribute a disc without Visual Autorun, you lose control, and gain confusion. What happens when the CD is inserted? What happens if the recipient cannot open a document? How do you explain the order in which to view the documents? How do you show pictures?

Visual Autorun allows you to shape the way the user will work with your disc. You are able to choose from opening a file, showing a menu, or displaying a slideshow. You are able to install a viewer so that a document can be opened. You can display a photo slideshow automatically.

Your recipients start focusing on your content, not attempting to find it.

Here are some key features of "Visual Autorun":

■ Complete Delivery Solution

■ Viewer Support

■ Better Icon Support

■ Custom Design


■ 10 uses or 14 days trial