Gathering or building statistics about a certain field of interest requires a lot of tests and precise measurement tools. Using a software utility that can generate statistics based on your information could greatly simplify your work.

VisualStat is a handy tool that can perform various statistical tests and analysis on your data, generating detailed reports and charts with the results. In order to properly work, the application requires Internet Explorer and R for Windows installed and running on your computer.

The application allows you to perform various statistical analysis over the information you need processed. Regardless of the data input, the program will generate detailed statistics about it.

Additionally, you can manage all your information through an user-friendly layout resembling Microsoft Excel. This way, you can easily familiarize yourself with the main functions of your application.

VisualStat can export your information to several formats, so that you can easily use it with other applications. You can save data as Excel spreadsheets, XML datasets, RTF or HTML files. The program can also read information from these files, along with SPSS, Minitab, DBF, Stata and EpiInfo files. In addition, you can access and query databases with ODBC, as the application offers support for these operations.

Aside from this, you can apply uni-variate descriptive statistics on your data, such as count, mean, standard deviation, standard error, confidence interval, skewness, kurtosis, median, quartiles or frequencies.

To sum it up, VisualStat provides you with a convenient way of analyzing your research information and perform statistical analysis based on it. Regardless of whether your area of interest is business, science, marketing and education, you can rely on the application to process it and build statistical reports based in on it.