SkypeHeadset is a software application that seamlessly connects your Bluetooth headset to Skype's audio functions on your PC so that you can dial, pick-up, hang-up or mute calls with the headset buttons.

vitaero is plug-in for Skype that creates a connection between Skype and your Bluetooth headset through the Bluetooth drivers on your PC. vitaero will intercept Skype events or headset button presses and then intelligently perform the appopriate actions. It will automatically manage the audio channel to preserve your headset's battery life while you are not on a call.

We work with the major Bluetooth headset manufacturers to test new headsets coming onto the market. Our customers also help with beta testing so that we can check compatibility with a broad range of devices.

The software uses a standard Bluetooth protocol so it works with a majority of headsets. (Please note that some headsets don't include all of the supported buttons, e.g. on/off, in which case some of the extra functionality will not be available to you, e.g. muting.)