Audio processing is not an operation performed just when creating a song, with audio files up for editing even afterwards. Depending on your needs, Voice Again allows you to process audio files in order to adjust playback speed, pitch, adjust noise level, and more, supporting popular sound file formats.

It takes little time for the application to get installed on your computer. However, functionality is only ensured if .NET Framework is also on the same computer. Chances are it’s already there, considering modern Windows iterations come with it in the default set of features.

The visual design is fitted with most controls you need, as well as a large interactive preview area. Importing songs is done through a built-in wizard, with the possibility to select one or more audio files under formats like WAV, OGG, MP3, and WMA. During the import process, you’re offered to adjust noise level, but this can be skipped, and handled later on.

All files you load are shown in a dedicated panel, which is fitted with a button to add more. On selection, the waveform is displayed, with the possibility to pan the view, zoom in or out, and select a specific region for in-depth analysis. Needless to say that playback can be initiated, with an additional loop function for selected parts.

Most controls are in plain sight, with additional ones found in dedicated menus. Speed is adjusted with a slider. Moreover, there are several percentage levels to increase speed, as well as a numerical field to specify intensity.

Closely related to speed is the pitch slider. Although adjusting speed doesn’t have an impact on pitch, it can be easily adjusted with a slider, or through a value field, similar to the one for speed. Here you also have an option to apply format correction.

Whether used when importing files, or accessed from the tools menu, the noise reduction can help apply post, or pre reduction. A preview option is available so the original file is not directly replaced.

When done, files are exported to one of the supported formats through a different wizard. Apart from format selection, there are different quality settings you can manage, such as format string, with options selected from a drop-down menu.

Taking everything into consideration, it’s safe to say that Voice Again is a powerful editing environment for audio files in order to adjust speed, pitch, and apply noise reduction. Although it’s stripped of common options like cutting, or joining parts, its share of the deal is delivered as expected.