Voice Finger is a lightweight application that relies on Windows Speech Recognition and integrates with your system in order to allow you to control your mouse and keyboard just by using your voice. It’s a tool designed for those who have sustained an injury and can’t use the computer appropriately, or those who just want to sit back and give orders to the PC.

Voice Finger is easy to install and after the setup is complete, it generates an icon in the system tray from where you can access and configure it. The application can start at Windows startup in either keyboard or mouse mode.

Since not all of us speak at the same rate, Voice Finger enables you to set the interval between commands. This is measured in milliseconds and you can set a value somewhere between 1 and 1000. It’s also possible to choose the duration of a click as well as the time it takes for it to record two consecutive clicks.

Windows Speech Recognition is capable of taking in dictation and, for this reason, Voice Finger enables you to assign voice commands for special characters such as ‘}’ which you can insert into documents.

As mentioned before, Voice Finger depends on Windows Speech Recognition to function so it doesn’t bring any special recognition algorithms to improve the latter’s capabilities. It merely adds some advanced and more intuitive functions.

It’s really great that it does and they work just fine as long as you manage to make yourself understood by WSR which at times can prove to be quite difficult. The only way left to master controlling the mouse and keyboard is by trying it while under a large dose of patience.

With the above to consider and a few more good things left for you to discover, it’s safe to say that Voice Finger can be a really handy tool for all kinds of situations providing WSR receives some much needed improvement or you get to master a pronunciation it can recognize every time.