Vole Edutainment Portable is an easy to use and reliable software solution meant to assist you in creating comprehensive media presentations for both educational and entertainment purposes.

The program is designed to render a wide array of audio and video formats, images as well as YouTube links, web pages and web sites (requiring an Internet connection), as well as PDFs, DOCs, RTFs and even PPTs, provided that you have the appropriate software (Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Office).

Vole Edutainment Portable's interface is quite intuitive, so you do not need much experience with similar utilities. The steps are quite straight-forward, enabling you to add media files to your newly created VCM projects from the application's toolbar.

There, you can view the number of added items from each category: 'Pictures', 'Audio', 'Video', 'YouTube Links', 'Documents', 'File Paths', 'Internet Picture', 'Internet Audio and Video', 'Websites and Webpages'.

Using the 'Auto Playback Configuration' component, you can individually set the items' playback duration and the number of repetitions. You can also choose to skip certain elements from being displayed, if you do not think they are relevant or simply if you are running out of time.

Vole Edutainment Portable allows you to customize the cover of your project, using a preferred image and song as background. You can input the title of the presentation, a summary, even the author's name and company.

Because it is a portable utility, Vole Edutainment Portable can be launched from any USB drive, requiring no installation process. You can remove it just by deleting its containing folder and it will create no pesky registry entries on your system.

Vole Edutainment Portable is a useful program, particularly if you are a teacher or if your job description includes the need to make a lot of presentations. This handy tool enables you to integrate a variety of media formats into your project, making it dynamic and attractive for most viewers, so it serves its purpose successfully.