Vole Windows Expedition Portable aims to provide an alternative to Windows Explorer, enabling you to browse through files and folders on your computer and preview documents without actually opening them.

While Vole Windows Expedition Portable might seem a traditional file explorer and management tool at first glance, there are a few features that set it apart from other software solutions in its category.

First of all, its approach is rather different, since it enables you to create file exploring sessions (suggestively called 'Explorers') associated with different activities, namely General, Work, Learn, Live, Leisure, Assistant, and VMC. For instance, you can create a 'Learn Explorer' and open multiple documents on your computer at once to read studies or watch tutorials.

These sessions are grouped together in so-called scenes and projects, which can be saved or exported for later loading. This way, opened documents and folders are restored on the next start, allowing you to quickly resume work. While this option can come in handy, having to deal with multiple groups, projects, scenes and explorers might be a bit confusing since not all these terms are clearly explained.

To make it easier to organize resources, Vole Windows Expedition Portable features tab docking. This option enables you to dock explorers anywhere within the main window and open two or more file management panels side-by-side, which facilitates document comparison.

The application integrates a built-in 'Documents Previewer' that can load almost any content, be it text files, images, videos (supports formats that are compatible with Windows Media Player), audio files, or various documents (XML, CSV, HTML, PHP, CHM, and more). To load Office documents, such as PPT, DOC or XLS files, Microsoft Office needs to be installed on the system.

Vole Windows Expedition Portable brings something new to the File Management category, aiming to change the way documents are viewed, accessed and organized. A few additional features are available, including a countdown timer to help you manage your working sessions and a VMC discovery tool, which analyzer web pages and previews VMC media libraries.

While this innovative approach might seem interesting to some, others might prefer sticking to the classical Windows Explorer or a file manager, due to the rather complicated organizational system.