There’s a lot going on the information superhighway every second. In fact, most of our daily lives are linked somehow to the Internet, which made it easier for individuals of all levels of experience to be able to create web pages. For instance, Vole Word to Website Portable proves this can be done even without any programming knowledge.

As the name shows, this iteration of Vole Word to Website doesn’t take you through the steps of an installer, so you can take it with you on a thumb drive along with your project files, just in case you want or need to work on different computers. Note, however, that .NET Framework is required for the program to properly function.

The interface consists of regular elements, which can keep you a little busy until you figure out how things are done. There’s also an example project you can explore to better understand the program capabilities. Multiple tabs provide easy navigation through the variety of functions, and there’s even a handful of tools to further aid in your work.

As mentioned, the application doesn’t ask of you to know anything about programming or web development at all, but there is a catch here. In other words, Microsoft Office needs to be on your computer, because all your work is done inside a Word document, which you later on convert to a web page.

On the bright side of things, the application neatly supports most of Office’s neat and colorful items, such as SmartArt, as well as tables, to include anything you want. Moreover, it’s possible to link external links, YouTube videos, as well as offline files.

Apart from document conversion and preview, the application also comes with a browser to let you explore other pages if you’re in need of assistance or more research. Under the tools menu you find a whole bunch of utilities to make your project even better. Among others, you can calculate and check MD5 checksums, apply watermarks to your pictures, or enjoy songs in a variety of audio formats.

Taking everything into account, Vole Word to Website Portable is indeed the type of website builder which requires little to no programming knowledge. The only challenge is to be able to properly design a cool and functional document which you like to represent your new web page or blog.