VooCAT is a piece of software that enables you to render animation packages that can be used in real-life footage using the 3D reconstruct points from a sequence of raster images and camera parameters estimation.

Following a quick and straightforward installation, you come face to face with an appealing interface that is split into three main sections. The largest region of the main window is dedicated to viewing the images and examining the modifications you make in real-time.

You can access the main menu along with the available editing tools from the right side of the UI. In the lower section, you can preview valuable data about the picture sequence, namely the total number of images, 2D and 3D points, RMSE, focal length, track quality as well as the horizontal and vertical field of view. As a side note, the application works with several image formats, including CIN, DPX, TGA, TIFF, JPEG and PNG.

You will be happy to learn that the application provides you with easy to follow steps to render your animation package. In other words, you should go through the six steps operation that entails analyzing the details of the sequence, adjusting the lens distortion, setting the camera tracking, testing the scene and exporting the image.

The idea behind the Test Scene menu is to help you determine the accuracy of the camera estimation using 3D objects and points. Therefore, if the objects do not jitter or move in relation to the sequence, it means that the camera tracking is precise. You should know that you can use more than one object and that you can move, scale and rotate them as required.

In the eventuality that you would like to include computer graphics into live footage as little intrusive as possible, then perhaps VooCAT might be a utility worth checking out.