Voralent Penelope is an efficient and reliable software solution that was developed to assist you in various image resizing and conversion operations in batch mode, processing files in a quick and straightforward manner, to save you time and effort.

The application goes through a quick and uneventful setup process, after which you can launch it and start working with it immediately, its clean and accessible appearance making it suitable for anyone, even computer novices.

The main window of the program allows you to add the files that you wish to process by drag and dropping them in batch, this being the only method by which you can load the pictures.

Voralent Penelope will reveal not only the size of your files in pixels, but also in KB, the format, the full file path and the date they were created. By checking the ‘Change Size’ box, you can opt between ‘Relative’ and ‘Absolute’ dimensions, the former allowing you to decide the percentual values, while the latter enables you to input the precise number of pixels for the width and height.

At the same time, you can activate the ‘Convert Format’ function and decide for an output extension between JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIF, depending on whichever you need. By default, the files will be exported to the desktop, in a folder entitled ‘Penelope’.

From the retractable menu, you can ‘Remove Exif Data’, ‘Remove Color Profile’ or perform an ‘Auto Rotation’ operation on JPEG files, as well as adjust their quality. You can also apply other options, for instance ‘Auto Rename’.

To conclude, Voralent Penelope is a handy and useful utility that you can rely on for converting your pictures to other popular formats, while also being able to resize them to a given set of values, preparing them for sharing online.