If you have a lot of pictures that need to be presented in a controlled fashion, there is no easier way to get the job done than by creating a video slideshow. While any video editor can help you out with this, a dedicated slideshow generator can be a better choice in many situations.

Vov Slideshow Creator is a small, relatively simple program that allows you to create a video slideshow, using multiple types of image files, in no time at all. However, it does lack a number of important features.

While it has its faults, this application makes the process of creating a slideshow extremely straightforward. You can load images with drag and drop, set the output settings and begin exporting your video in seconds.

Vov Slideshow Creator allows you to set the image duration, choose from several video formats and even add a soundtrack to the created file.

Unfortunately, very few customization options are available. You can’t change the output resolution, which is based on the first image to be added, modify the encoder settings or add transitions between images.

What’s more, after adding your images, you cannot change their order, remove items or even clear the entire list. Also, there is no way to preview pictures before exporting the video file.

Lastly, every video you create will have the same name, which cannot be customized. When exporting files to the same folder, make sure you remember to move or rename the last one that was created.

To sum up, Vov Slideshow Creator is a simple-to-use application that makes it easy to create video slideshows but lacks many essential features. It may prove useful for some, but it needs quite a few improvements.

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