There might be various reasons why you would search for ways to automatically reload a process in Windows. Whether the application is prone to crashes, or you need to kill and reconfigure a daemon without manually restarting it, Vov Stop Start can carry out this task for you.

In essence, Vov Stop Start is based on a very simple principle. It practically sends the "taskkill" signal to the target process and restarts it without user intervention. All these operations are performed periodically, once every a custom number of seconds (the default value is 600 seconds, meaning 10 minutes).

Another parameter you can change is the delay time. This interval, expressed in seconds as well, is, in fact, the time that passes between the moment when the process is killed, and the moment it is started again.

The one-window interface of Vov Stop Start also comprises a list of all the start and stop process pairs that the application scheduled. Evidently, it is not mandatory to stop and start the same process, but that is the application's main purpose.

There are no other options to deal with, although experienced users might prefer having the possibility to use additional flags or kill a process by its PID, like in the command prompt.

Vov Stop Start is mainly aimed at background applications that require a periodical restart for whatever reason, be it to avoid a crash or to refresh the configuration. It does its job as promised and it is easy to use but, although it can come in handy to system administrators, the same can be obtained using Windows' Task Scheduler.

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