If you're looking for a simple solution for applying watermarks to photos in tiled mode, you can use Vov Watermark Image. It's a free tool with straightforward features that offers support for multiple filetypes.

The program is not designed to attach watermarks to multiple pictures at the same time. There's also no option available for choosing the position of the watermark. Unless traditional software made for this purpose, it can cover the entire base picture with several copies of the watermark. This is similar to setting a Windows wallpaper in tiled mode.

Vov Watermark Image gets installed quickly and without any issues. As far as the interface goes, the utility has a single window that shows all options available. By clicking two buttons, you can separately load the base image and the watermark picture. Both can be previewed in this panel, along with the new photo.

Furthermore, you can tweak the level of watermark transparency while keeping an eye on the new photo preview, thanks to the fact that changes are reflected in real time. When you're pleased with the result, you can save the new photo by specifying an output directory, filename and format.

Worth noting is that Vov Watermark Image acts as a graphic converter too since it can create photos with different filetypes than the originals. As far as file format is concerned, it works well with PNG (with or without transparency), BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF, TIF or TIFF, whether we're talking about the base image or watermark or the new photo.

The program worked smoothly in our tests. We haven't experienced any stability issues with Windows 10. The watermarks were quickly applied, without error or graphic quality loss.

All aspects considered, Vov Watermark Image gets the job done when it comes to swiftly applying watermarks to pictures in tiled mode. But it doesn't offer anything more than that.