Advances in speech recognition technologies have completely changed the way users interact with their computer, not to mention other smart devices. Voice-enabled control is the communication means of the future, already present on many platforms.

Aiming to implement vocal commands for multiple applications in Windows, VoxCommando makes it possible for you to control your PC in a new way. All you need is a good microphone and you're good to go.

VoxCommando relies on two different speech recognition engines (namely the Microsoft Speech API and the Microsoft Speech Platform), offering support for more than 20 languages.

But its major plus is not voice recognition itself, but the fact that it integrates such capabilities is various media applications, such as iTunes, J. River Media Center, Kodi (formerly known as XBMC), Media Browser, MediaMonkey, MediaPortal, or Windows Media Center, enabling you to control playback using nothing but your voice.

Probably the second best thing about VoxCommando is its customization options. It bundles a limited set of commands, giving you the freedom to enrich it with your own entries. Commands are organized in groups, and a search option is available, in case your list gets too long.

Additionally, it integrates an advanced macro editor and Python plugin support, enabling daring users to extend its functionality even further.

There are three operation modes VoxCommando comes with, namely on (green interface), standby (yellow), and off (red). The on and off modes do not require further explanations, but you should know that in the standby mode VoxCommando listens to microphone input, but does not execute commands unless a special prefix is heard, so as to prevent accidental commands. For instance, VoxCommando can play the role of the well-known Iron Man's Jarvis for you.

VoxCommando can respond to various events and input from other applications, not just voice commands. Furthermore, it can be used with automation programs and infrared devices to turn your house into the home of the future, or integrated into your Arduino projects.

Configured properly, VoxCommando can help you launch programs, check your email, perform network commands (wake on LAN), have the computer read text out loud, shut down your PC, and many more. With a bit of imagination and a little work, you can create custom solutions to voice-control anything.