VoxEdit is a jolly app that can allow a user to create both art and usable 3D objects for other types of visual projects. This means that, somehow, the developer of this app managed to mix fun and productivity in one tiny but resourceful program. VoxEdit looks to be one of this year's interesting art-related applications and should deserve a spot on your list of apps to try.

Painting with this app is easy. In many respects, the controls and interface are reminiscent of Microsoft's Paint. You might even have a nostalgic feeling. Apart from this, the app has no other resemblance to Paint. The tools it provides and the options, both make VoxEdit look like a professional tool.

While it may be debatable as to how much this program does indeed pertain to the professional application category, the true and real fact is that once you will open it, you won't care that much. Creating pixelated 2D art with it will be a breeze, a relaxing experience and even a creational inspiration for future projects.

While you paint in 2D, the application seems to give birth to a 3D model based on your drawing. This means that creating 3D art or objects is just as easy as drawing 2D, if not exactly as easy. The only different procedure is that once you will be satisfied with your end result, you will have to export your creation for use in other programs. While it may sound like a difficult task, it is not. It's as simple as 1-2-3.

VoxEdit is an application that all those interested in 2D art, in virtual art or in creating pixelated objects should be seriously thinking to acquire. If you want to take it for a test drive, the developer has kindly placed a demo online for you to check out. You will probably end up being convinced by how efficient, fun and easy to use this program will be.