The music industry has an easier time producing tracks and audios thanks to the various software out there. Although some might argue that it is not a natural way of creating music, you have a great liberty to mix and alter sounds.

Voxengo Soniformer is a spectral mastering dynamics plugin that is designed for professional musicians. After a quick installation process, you can drag-and-drop the files onto the VST host, running on any operating system later than Windows XP.

The application splits all incoming sound into multiple spectral bands, all of which can be modified and optimized to your project. Various parameters allow you to tweak and embellish the music; threshold, attack, release and compression / expander ratio just to name a few.

Moreover, you can control stereo width and panning, which can be a useful feature for field adjustments.

Among others, the software provides a undo / redo history, which enables you to revert to any previous modification. Furthermore, you can set up A / B comparisons, which come in handy when presenting several samples.

The interface is organized in such a manner that you can perform modifications from various areas, and oversampling can be done up to 8x. Even if you are a beginner, you receive hint contextual messages, and you can always resort to any of the built-in presets to get started.

In conclusion, Voxengo Soniformer is a highly specialized piece of software that allows you to modify audio files. It is a commercial application that might prove appealing to businesses and firms rather than the average individual. An abundance of features provides good value for money although you require a host application to run it. All in all, the program can be put to good use in the hands of the right user.