Surfing the web these days is sure set to arise some issues, be it that you’re encountering malware in its various forms, advertising, or, privacy-related issues. When it comes to the latter, ensuring that those curious eyes steer away from your sensitive data, can be a tricky task. Nevertheless, with apps such as VPN Client, one will be able to achieve just that, thanks to its privacy protection tools and straightforward connection handling.

The app doesn’t feature any particularly complex configuration steps, and it will be readily available in just a few seconds from the time when users first initiate it. However, during our testing, we experienced a severe lag for the connection, eventually having to restart it, to no avail.

The fact that the connection will only be available after a few minutes’ time, could either be a design flaw, or an isolated case, which happened during our testing. What is certain though, is after the connection was established, it remained constant until we chose to end it.

There is little to be customized in terms of the actual VPN features, and this is both good and bad. Good, because novices and those users who aren’t keen on spending time configuring apps will enjoy it.

Bad, because there aren’t too many options available for tweaking the connection parameters. Indeed, one will be able to adjust the refresh time and preview the strength of the servers, but that’s about it, and this might just not cut it for more demanding users.

With minimalist handling, basic features, and potentially lacking that extra edge in terms of functionality, VPN Client still manages to perform adequately and offer those who seek Internet privacy protection a good deal.