VV Install Maker is a software used to make setup and installation programs. It has all the features needed to help you distribute your software simple and clean.

Here are some key features of "VV Install Maker":

■ Everything gets compressed into one single distributable executable file

■ Zip compression is used to bring the size of the executable down to a minimum

■ Easy to use file editor similiar to the windows explorer

■ Create shortcut icons in the start menu, on the desktop and in the quick-start menu

■ Customizable install paths (DLL's, system files etc.)

■ An advanced macro system including the option to read keys from the Windows registry

■ Display a text or a confirmation box at the end of the installation

■ Launch a program, open a web page, reboot the system or execute any other command at the end of the installation

■ View BMP or JPEG images in each installer step, both on the foreground and on the background window

■ Minimize the installer window during installation (e.g.) while viewing a background image slideshow

■ Automatic installation of Fonts

■ Complete uninstaller