VWeather ST Pro, formerly known as Virtual Weather station, is a software tool which helps individuals view the weather forecast for the current day and the following three days, from any city on the globe.

This utility is portable, which means installation is not a prerequisite. As a consequence, the Windows registry will not be affected in any way by it, and there will no leftover files after its removal.

Another important aspect that should not be overlooked is that you can use VWeather ST Pro on any PC you have access to, by simply moving the program files to a USB flash drive or any other removable storage device.

The interface consists of a plain window, yet it is a bit cluttered, as it contains a lot of information. However, all user categories can learn how to work with it, with great ease.

The main window enables you to view the date and exact time, relative humidity, current temperature, wind speed (expressed in Km per hour) and directionality. Aside from that, this tool displays the weather forecast for the following days.

In order to display all these details for a particular city, you are required to use the search function, add results to favorites and select it from there. It is possible to add up to 14 locations, so that you can be up to date with the conditions in important locations.

The skin is subject to change, and you can show or hide hints, shadows and lights, as well as play sounds and control opacity.

In conclusion, VWeather ST Pro is a pretty handy piece of software, with a simple-to-use environment and a good response time. Our tests did not reveal any issues or hangs, while the app was friendly to the system’s resources.