Projects are all about centralizing and managing your ideas in order to establish a solid plan to make them work, and Walling is a great tool to help you with that.

With this program, you can easily write down your notes and group them in each of their respective topics. It has a few neat features that will both help you and bring some authenticity to your work.

In order to begin writing your ideas, you must first create your topic or "wall," as the name of the application implies. Whenever a note is created inside it, it is called a "brick."

In order to customize your bricks, you can add a heading to them, add text, images or other files in order to better assist you with your plan. In case you need to have a to-do list for your note, you also have the option to add a checklist to them.

Bricks can then be arranged around the wall in whatever way you like. To help with organizing them, you also have the option to add tags in order to sort them easier when needed. You can choose from the two existing tags or create your own.

If you need to share your work with your colleagues, the software can help you with that as well. You just need to add your colleagues to your team, and you can then freely share information with each other.

There is no need to use any secondary program for sending and receiving work notes, as Walling is perfectly able to assist you with this as well.

It may not be at the level of Microsoft's OneNote, but Walling is a solid alternative. It is still in its beta stage, so it is expected for it to not be completely refined, but it will surely help you a lot if you decide to use it.