Whether you want to prank someone and tell them the war is not over, or you want to teach someone what it actually means to have this experience, War Sounds is there to back your plan up with a series of war-related sounds. You can play them one at a time or all together and even record your resulting jumble of sounds for later use. It's totally up to you how you plan on using this fun and also educative app.

There is no doubt that ease of usage is the main feature of this app. It's not a complex app, so you would probably assume it's also easy to use. This is exactly the case. There are few functions. You can play one particular sound or more, together, and you also have the possibility of recording the result.

If you'd simply like to hear what this app has to offer, without any particular goal in mind, why not randomly let it choose a sound to play. That way you can feel surprised by how accurate or even how varied the included material is.

There are plenty of purposes this application could have. Maybe one of the most important ones is the educative role it could possess in a class where the history of war is taught. Think about how innovative a course on war could be if one was to play actual war sounds during the lecture. It could also be used as a quiz sort-of material.

You play a sound and have teams of students guess what it represents. A less educative use for this app would be to prank someone. Whether or not this is smart or even funny is up to you. It's fair to say that War Sounds would look much better as an application when used with an educative role in mind.

War Sounds is an application that most history teachers should have handy. It's easy to use and it could very much make a difference in teaching, especially, contributing to the freshness of a course that has been taught for centuries. Last, but not least, the application could also be a source of good old-fashioned fun.