WARP is a super-effective DNS resolver for all users who wish for better, safer web navigation, as well as for those who want to keep their anonymity online, adjust their connectivity parameters, or block adult content and malware. As such, this app can be an effective solution for keeping your kids safe and away from unwanted content.

As a general explanation, the developer, Cloudflare, offers a wide range of services for Internet connectivity, security, and server management. Upon installing WARP, you will quickly see that, in the settings window, you can switch between two modes — and with WARP.

The current application is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. On other platforms, it is simply called As such, the mode (DNS changer), in the desktop application, represents the standard connectivity mode while with WARP adds the WARP functionality (VPN).

Well, getting to understand how you connect to the internet is not crucial. All you must know is that the DNS server helps you (the client) connect to a domain name (the website), via a successive set of requests and authorizations. Your default DNS is the one provided by your Internet Service Provider.

As such, if you want anonymity in regards to your Internet searches, you can use the function that just changes your DNS. If you also need extra security, you can use the with WARP feature; this will change your DNS while routing your traffic through a VPN.

After getting a short description of the tool's capabilities, you should also take into account that WARP also supports granular configuration, such as choosing your DNS Protocol, adding exceptions (for individual IPs or certain networks), registering DNS logs, and more.

In conclusion, the app is free of cost, works fast, and has a friendly interface and approach to Internet security, while also being suitable for parents who want to protect their kids while they are online (from malware and adult content).